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Understanding Arrest & the Trial Process

Facing criminal charges is frightening. When you're dealing with the possibility of arrest, you may not know what to do. With that in mind, the Law Offices of Dennis W. Stanford has prepared a guide to help understand the process and know your rights. If you have questions or feel that you may be investigated, contact our office in Clarksville, Tennessee, to schedule an appointment.

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Knowing Your Rights During a Police Search

Dealing with potential criminal charges is incredibly stressful. At the Law Offices of Dennis W. Stanford in Clarksville, Tennessee, we know that this is a difficult time and we want to help. It's easy to panic when officers want to search your property. But with our detailed informational guide, you can stay aware of your rights during this difficult time.

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How to Handle a Criminal Investigation

At the Law Offices of Dennis W. Stanford of Clarksville, Tennessee, we know that dealing with the police can be scary. Whether or not you've committed a crime, talking to officers is often incredibly intimidating. Before interacting with the police, it's important that you know your rights. The following guide demonstrates what to do if the police want to speak with you.

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